8 most popular washing machine cleaning ideas

Cleaning washing machine twice every week helps in getting rid of bad odor, germs, bacteria and mold that your machine might develop. Here are some washing machine cleaning ideas that you can use to prevent your washing machine from getting dirty.

  • The gasket of the washing machine traps the water washed away from clothes and promotes the growth of mold. So, make sure that it is necessary wipe the gasket dry after each wash.
  • Leave the washing machine door open after every wash to dry out the washing machine drum.
  • Germs and bacteria build up in the washing machine grow in low temperatures. Thus, in order to sanitize your washing machine, empty wash the machine at a water temperature of at least 60 degree Celsius.
  • Overusing detergent can cause buildup of molds, hence it is necessary to carefully measure according to the load present in the drum and on the basis of how soiled the clothes are.
  • If you use liquid detergents and fabric softeners, they tend to cause a waxy buildup inside the washing machine drum. Using the liquid detergent with low temperature water worsens the problem. To avoid this, use powdered detergents instead of liquid and a half cup of distilled vinegar instead of fabric softener. This is one of the most commonly used washing machine cleaning ideas.
  • If your home has a hard water supply, then its combination with limescale and soap scum makes washing difficult and builds up on surfaces when it comes in contact with pipes and hoses. Use water softening agents in such cases and use detergents that are specifically meant to work with hard water.
  • In case your machine is a top loader, use a paper towel soaked in hydrogen peroxide or white vinegar and wipe it around opening of the machine. Wipe the tub rim and top edges, and in places where water cannot enter.
  • One of the best washing machine drum cleaning ideas is to fill up the tub with hot water and vinegar and scrub the buildup away. Scrub the area where the drum is fitted as that area can get moldy too. Use a toothbrush or a pipe to clean the crevices in case the dispenser cannot be removed.
  • In case you are cleaning the washing machine with chlorine bleach, use warm or cold water, as it loses its effectiveness at high temperatures. It is not a popular washing machine cleaning idea as you cannot use it in washing machine drums that have a plastic inner surface. It can be used to clear molds but not limescale build up.